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Is a cracked mobile phone screen covered by the manufacturer`s warranty?

Any physical damage or misuse of your mobile phone is not covered by the limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

The independent repair specialists offering lcd screen and digitizer replacement services for Wirral do not repair items still under warranty.

My mobile phone has suffered water damage and the screen is no longer working?

Unfortunately the team cannot repair water damaged mobile phones for Wirral in Merseyside.

A replacement screen and digitizer would not likely resolve this problem as water will damage electronic components over time making a repair not reliable or cost effective.

How much is a mobile phone screen repair for Wirral by insured courier?

The cost of a mobile phone screen replacement for Wirral will depend upon the make of phone and supply of parts for a particular model.

The newest smartphones are generally more expensive to replace due to the lack of spare parts and methods used for it`s construction.

However getting a mobile phone screen from the team is cheaper then buying a replacement phone or using a manufacturer service.

Area covered : Wirral

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This map illustrates Wirral. We may only cover Wirral area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Mobile Phone Screen Repair Wirral

Walking Around With a Damaged Phone Screen?

We have all encountered this common scenario - rushing off to school, work or a day out only to drop the phone face first onto a hard floor (pavement, stone, kitchen tile, you name it).

The result is often a cracked, shattered, smashed or non responsive mobile phone screen.

Mobile Phone Screen Repairs Made Easy

If you are in Wirral and need a fast, reliable and affordable mobile phone screen repair service, can help.

The team get you in touch with the experts, who offer mobile phone screen repairs via insured courier service from your home or workplace in Wirral to a national repair centre.

The experienced team have many years of experience in replacing damaged screens of many models on the market for both the general public and businesses in Merseyside.

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To arrange your mobile phone screen repair for Wirral by insured courier, just fill in the online form on the left with your contact details, phone model and a short description of the fault.

The team will get in touch shortly by email, phone or SMS with your no obligation quote and further information on getting your phone screen fixed.

Mobile Phone Screen Replacement Wirral in Merseyside

Mobile Phone Screen Parts

A mobile phone screen consists of two main components - the outer glass screen and the digitizer (the component which senses your touch and turns it into impulses which your phone understands).

In modern smartphones the digitizer is often glued to the screen so both parts will often require replacement.

The fully trained technicians will carefully remove and replace the damaged screen with a high quality replacement. They have keen eyes for detail and you get a warranty for added peace of mind.

Out of Warranty Mobile Phone Repairs

The team offer a professional screen repair service for the following brands:

• Apple
• BlackBerry
• Nokia
• Samsung

Types of Mobile Phone Screen Damage

Common mobile phone screen damage that the team can professionally repair includes:

• Cracked screen
• Smashed screen
• Shattered screen
• Scratched screen
• Bleeding phone screen
• Lines on screen
• Mobile phone screen not lighting up
• Blank screen
• Not responding to touch

These are just some of the problems with mobile phone screens which can be economically repaired within 5 working days (upon collection of your damaged phone from your address in Wirral by an uniformed courier at time convenient for you).

Free Quotes For Mobile Phone Screen Repairs Wirral Upon Initial Enquiry

Arranging your mobile phone screen repair with the team is easy - simply fill in the mobile phone screen form with your contact details and a short description of the screen fault you are experiencing with your device.

The team will get in touch shortly during business hours with your no obligation repair quote.

Recent Testimonials

a very efficient service with satisfaction guaranteed. having smashed the screen of my i phone on sunday evening, on monday morning i received a phone call and a text stating that they could arrange collection and have the phone returned in 48 hours. they have a web page set up so that you can log on and check the progress of your item and liaise with the repair team. on several occasions i used this service but also rang them-the people who i spoke to were very polite and eous. i received the phone back within the 48 hours and was delighted with my new phone. overall-an excellent service provided only by those who are elite!

Score 4.4 out of 5

the man seemed very friendly and knowledgeable.

Score 4.2 out of 5

top service :-) thanks so much. will definitely be recommending you!!

Score 5 out of 5

cracking response time to my question

Score 5 out of 5

hello all,

just to say that i have received my phone back in full working order. the service was v efficient & the customer service team were lovely & willing to help each time that i rang.

many thanks for all your efforts, have a lovely xmas


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screen smashed from middle right out to top middle and bottom left can no longer use screen at all


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screen cracked towards top right corner. phone feel. working ok but screen needs replacing